Kilimanjaro Dairy Cooperative Joint Enterprise Ltd ( JE) is a new institution that was registered in July, 2017 under cooperative Laws Act No. 6 of 2013, by Fourteen (14) primary dairy cooperatives that are involved in milk production as their major business in Hai District – Kilimanjaro region. These dairy cooperatives agreed together to form and implement a joint enterprise as an Umbrella body for the Dairy cooperatives in Kilimanjaro Region. These initial dairy cooperatives that formed the JE include; Chawamando, NkuuMaziwa, Uduru, Kalali, Kwarungo, Foo, Nronga, Mamba, Sawe, Kyeri, Nguni, Marukeni, Nure. Later on, more cooperatives have been invited to join the Joint Enterprise and the motive is to eventually increase outreach to the whole region of Kilimanjaro.


To coordinate and manage sustainable dairy business for the benefit of the community.


As a top notch cooperative model, link, facilitate and coordinate all dairy development initiatives for the purpose of operating sustainable dairy businesses.


. Transparency and accountability: KDCJE activities will be undertaken with transparency and accountability. Reports of financial administration and management will be laid open to members. . Credibility: KDCJE in cooperation with members and partners will be based on trust. . Expertise: KDCJE staffs and members of the Board will be working with professionals in all activities to the public (members and non-members). . Political view: KDCJE is a partnership of stakeholders in the dairy industry and not politics, KDCJE will work for members equally regardless of their political differences. . Democracy: We insist democracy in all areas of governance and in business partnership between KDCJE, its members and partners.


The specific and detailed objectives of forming the JE as per its constitution include: .To increase production, productivity and value addition of milk and other dairy products; .To promote efforts of small and medium dairy farmers in Hai & Siha Districts and eventually other districts of Kilimanjaro region to increase their investments in the dairy sector/industry. .To promote joint venture investments in dairy processing by members of the JE together with other social and impact investors .To initiate collective marketing of milk through milk collection centres under the primary dairy cooperatives whilst maintaining the hygienic and quality standards for milk products. .To undertake market research and marketing promotion of dairy products through various ICT tools .To provide extension services to cooperatives members and non-members in order to improve milk production / productivity and animal husbandry .To increase the efficiency of its members in their participation in the dairy value chain by facilitating access to critical services, good governance framework and enabling environment for their businesses to thrive and grow. .To join efforts of dairy stakeholders (platform) in the lobbying and advocacy of a good business enabling environment in the region and Tanzania at large .To conduct researches in collaboration with other related dairy support organizations in finding improved and sustainable solutions to challenges that beset the vibrancy of the dairy sector .To encourage, promote the theme of cooperatives and collective action; .To identify and analyses investment opportunities for expanding dairy sector impact within and outside the country;


About Us

The aim of forming the KDCJE was/is to pull the cooperatives efforts and resources in Northern and Eastern Tanzania together that will help them to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the dairy products production and distribution within and outside the region.


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